A Family Business


We’re a family of food lovers

Specialty Foods was born in 2009 when founder, Randall Sanders, saw a tremendous gap in the bread industry: a top-quality product that was baked with fine ingredients and had the true look, feel and taste as if straight out of your mama’s kitchen. 


With a vision to provide excellent-quality brands to food service, Randall knew he wanted Specialty Foods to be an industry leader in taste, quality and values.


Joined by his two sons, Wesley and Will, the three Sanders men and their loyal team have pioneered and perfected three incredible product lines: 

Mama Turney’s Pies, Ginny’s Waffles and Ma’s Kitchen


Our products are made with the freshest ingredients. This certainly sets us apart from other products on the market. 


Our customers love and appreciate the level of quality in each of our brands, as quality is one aspect we will never compromise on. Consistency is also one of the main pillars of our business, so it is extremely important to us that every single bite, every single time, is perfection. 

Randy Sanders

Randy has been involved in the food industry for almost 40 years. Before starting Specialty Foods, he established and built his own business in 1982 and grew it into a major regional brokerage. Shortly after selling in 2010, in 2011, Specialty Foods was born with a vision to create excellent-quality

brands directed towards the retail and foodservice markets. Working alongside his two sons, Wesley and Will, Randy has taken great pride in integrating strong work ethic and even stronger family values, into every aspect of the business. Randy attended the University of Alabama and enjoys playing golf, hunting and working on his farm. 

Wesley Sanders
Vice President

Wesley joined Specialty Foods in 2015. He has always had a passion for quality food, so his transition into Specialty Foods was easy and organic. Overseeing each and every client’s needs, with the utmost attention to detail and care, is Wesley’s biggest mission. Consistently striving to better each customer’s experience, Wesley creates an environment where service is at the forefront of business. He attended MTSU and enjoys spending time with his

family, golf and being in the outdoors. And most excitingly, he and his wife, Maria, welcomed their first daughter.

Will Sanders
Vice President

Will joined Specialty Foods in 2016 with a strong mission to create a one-of-a-kind experience for each customer by always putting quality and service first. Will integrates his family values into Specialty Foods daily, as he recognizes the importance of good food shared amongst family and friends. His vision is to bring fine foods, with even finer ingredients, to dining tables across America. With focus on being the industry leader, quality workmanship and family values, his focus far exceeds expectation. As a University of Alabama graduate, Will spends his free time cheering on the tide all year long and enjoys boating on the Gulf and taking trips to Cape Cod with his wife, Alexandra.

“The quality of product produced by Specialty Foods continues to surpass my expectations. Whether I’m serving Ma’s Rolls at Thanksgiving or gifting a Mama Turney’s Pie to friends and family, I can always count on a fantastic product with unmatched taste. I will continue to be a loyal customer for years to come!”

Alexandra R.

“Not only is the team at Speciality Foods helpful, innovative and efficient but the level of service they deliver is undoubtedly an industry leader.”

Paolo F.

“One of these days I’m going to have to admit to my family and friends the pies I always serve aren’t from my kitchen!! But for now, ill let them believe my Mama Turney’s pies are my grandmother’s recipe”

Britt S.